The Middle Class Philosophy of Money 1

The Middle Class Philosophy of Money

The middle class refers to a huge section of society that can neither be labelled as über-rich nor poor. India is a country with huge economic differences and making clear practical boundaries is not that...

Decorating your desktop with RMS 0

Decorating your desktop!

If you desire a “cool” desktop, you could have it in less than 10 minutes. Let’s go through the steps involved: There’s a software named “Rainmeter” (Go to Rainmeter’s website for details) that will help you customize your...

Welcome back to Techite 0

Welcome back to Techite

It has been almost half of a year that Techite was down. I apologize for the same. But the credit to this “hibernating” status goes to the fact that I (Shashi Prakash Agarwal) had...