Techite Solutions is a financial advisory start-up under the reputed NMIMS University (IEDC). At Techite Solutions, we aim to cater to the needs of investors in global equities, commodities, currencies & bonds. Under a partnership with MADPL, our team produces research reports about various financial instruments for clients across 13 countries ( & followers in 100+ countries).

Our prime concern remains serving investors with crisp & clear view with which, they can make position in financial markets. We believe that customer satisfaction is the only way for a company to progress exponentially.
About the CEO : Shashi Prakash Agarwal

Shashi Prakash Agarwal

Shashi Prakash Agarwal is a student of Integrated MBA at the prestigious business-school NMIMS. He has been co-authoring research reports about various emerging markets since 2012. His initial interest was in the field of Computer Science but with time, financial markets started gaining his attention. As a result, he has ended up interlinking financial markets & information technology so as to improve the mechanism & methodologies with which, trading advisories are delivered & produced.  He did a certification in C & C ++ when he was in 6th standard & ASP DOT NET (MCAD) when he was in 8th standard. In recognition of his talent, Shashi was awarded by the governor of Himachal Pradesh (Dr. V.S. Kokje), for excellence in Computer Science. Furthermore, to add to his, he was awarded for excellence in Physics (for emerging victorious in a state level physics exhibition) & Merit Certificate (from Royal Australian Chemistry Institute).
Similarly, he also holds considerable experience with various web based technologies & internet marketing technique. It was his dad’s existing business related to financial markets that led the fire in him to transform from a cyber geek to a financial researcher.

Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly.



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