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Ever thought, what’s the difference between setting a shop in a city and a website on Internet?

Setting a shop in a city is expensive while maintaining a web site may not be that expensive.

Another major difference is, the customer base of a commercial shop is limited to those who visit the place whereas in case of a website, you may expand globally with rock solid content and unique idea(s).

Internet has made the whole globe a family and here, making money isn’t a big deal.

Making money using Internet is simple but it’s difficult to do simple things with persistence and patience.

Let us get back to where we started from.

A major source of visitors for any website is Search Engines (such as Google).

Let us get in detail of how search engines work.

  • They search the Internet — or select pieces of the Internet — based on important words.
  • They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them.
  • They allow users to look for words or combinations of words found in that index.
  • Crawling: This is the most critical part of search engine. This process means deep scanning of the content on your website. And search engines are blind! (They can read only text).
    Here’s how, you can know what search engines see->

There are several factors that influence your SERP (Search Engine Response Position).

  • Quality & Original Content
  • Domain Age
  • Link Wheel (or better say number of websites linking to you)

If you can upgrade on the above factors, you will easily flourish but mark my words, the competition is really intensive and it’s the survival of fittest!

Search Engine Optimization is necessary because it allows you to get visitors (and obviously clients) around the globe easily, effectively and economically (it’s only genuine content that can pull your content in upward direction of search engine’s result page.

There’s another free tool available to help you with basic search engine optimization.

Also note that, meta keywords, descriptions and site map also make a considerable difference & you must be careful in not overloading those parameters (keywords and descriptions).

For generating sitemap, you can use several tools available (such as

Once you have created a site-map, you should submit it to google’s webmaster central so that Google may ping necessary pages and index more of your content frequently.

Google Analytics is a “warrior” that you should always be equipped with. Google Analytics will help you realize and understand the quantity, demographics and technical jargons of web promotion (such as sources of visitors, frequency and what not!). Google Analytics



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